Shabbat Parashat V'etchanan
Shabbat Nachamu

General Notes

Shabbat Nachamu is named for the first word of this week's Haftarah.

Shacharit Torah Reading

Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11 (P 1333, RP 1188, WTC 1065)

7 Aliyot

Shacharit Torah Reading Notes

This week's portion contains the reading of the Decalogue (4:6-18). There are two sets of trope for this passage. The Ta'amei Ha'tachton are used for study and divide verses into a more manageable length. The Ta'amei Ha'elyon are used for public reading and give each commandment its own verse. We chant this section of the Torah portion according to the Ta'amei Ha'elyon. For the Ta'amei Ha'Elyon, see RP 1196. For more information about the chanting of the Decalogue, and to see the two tropes set side by side, see ATC 78.

Shacharit Haftarah

Isaiah 40:1-26 (P 1595, RP 1222)

*This is the first of the seven Haftarot of consolation we read between Tisha b'Av and Rosh Hashanah.

Mincha Torah Reading

Deuteronomy 7:12-8:10 (P 1379, RP 1228, WTC 1091)

3 Aliyot

Tu B'Av

General Notes

Tu B'Av is a post-Biblical holiday, though its exact origins are unknown. It served as a matchmaking day in Second Temple times and is described in the Talmud as one of the year's happiest days: young Jewish women would dress in white and dance in the vineyards, and young bachelors would follow them in search of a bride. The holiday was revived in the modern state of Israel and is now celebrated as a day of love.