Shabbat Parashat Mikeitz


Add Al Hanisim for Chanukah (MT 556) to the Amidah (MT 256 or 332).

Recite full Hallel (MT 560) after the Amidah. The Hallel on page 560 is the Half Hallel; congregations that would like to recite a full Hallel should add appropriate selections from Psalms 115 and 116.

Shacharit Torah Reading Scroll #1 

Genesis 41:1-44:17 (RP 268, WTC 235)

7 Aliyot

Shacharit Torah Reading Scroll #2

One aliyah from that day's Chanukah reading. Chanukah Torah readings indicated in the Plaut Torah Commentary are as follows:

Day 1: Numbers 7:1-17 (P 1070, RP 931, WTC 829)

Day 2: Numbers 7:18-29 (P 1071, RP 931, WTC 831)

Day 3: Numbers 7:24-35 (P 1071, RP 931, WTC 831)

Day 4: Numbers 7:30-41 (P 1071, RP 931, WTC 831)

Day 5: Numbers 7:36-47 (P 1072, RP 931, WTC 832)

Day 6: Numbers 7:42-53 (P 1072, RP 931, WTC 832)

Day 7: Numbers 7:48-59 (P 1072, RP 931, WTC 832)

Day 8: Numbers 7:54-8:4 (RP 934, WTC 833)

Shacharit Haftarah - Traditional

Zechariah 2:14-4:7

Shacharit Haftarah - Alternative

Zechariah 4:1-7 (P 1645, RP 1448)


Add Al Hanisim for Chanukah (MT 556) to the Amidah (MT 356).


Place the Chanukiyah in a place where it will be visible from the outside. If lighting the candles in the synagogue, place along the southern wall of the synagogue.

Place the appropriate number of candles into the chanukiyah. We begin with one candle on the first night and add another candle each night. We place the first candle on the right end of the chanukiyah, and add a candle to the left each night. We also prepare an additional candle, the shamash.

Light candles as soon after dark as possible. In the synagogue, light either before or after Ma'ariv. First, light the shamash. Then, recite the two Chanukah candle blessings (MT 572). On the first night only, add Shehecheyanu. Then, light the Chanukah candles with the shamash, starting with the newest candle (furthest to the left). While lighting the candles, or after lighting them, sing Hanerot Halalu (MT 572) and Maoz Tzur (MT 669).

Candles should burn for at least half an hour.

There is a custom to light Chanukah candles again, without blessings, before Shacharit in the synagogue.

On Friday, light Chanukah candles before lighting Shabbat candles.  On Motza'ei Shabbat, light Chanukah candles before making Havdalah in the synagogue, and make Havdalah before lighting candles at home.

Birkat Hamazon

Add Al Hanisim for Chanukah.