Pesach 1 (Yom Tov)


Recite the festival morning service (MT 414)

Recite the festival Amidah (MT 468) with appropriate additions for Pesach. When we recite the Amidah silently, we replace "mashiv haruach..." with "morid hatal" (MT 472). During the repetition of the Amidah, the Shaliach Tzibbur recites T'filat Tal (MT 473).

Recite full Hallel (MT 560). The Hallel on page 560 is the Half Hallel; congregations that would like to recite a full Hallel should add appropriate selections from Psalms 115 and 116.

We recite the Torah service for festivals (MT 494). We recite the Thirteen Attributes (MT 496) three times.

Shacharit Torah Reading Scroll #1 - Traditional

Exodus 12:21-12:51 (P 460, RP 412, WTC 366)

5 Aliyot

Shacharit Torah Reading Scroll #1 - Alternative

Exodus 12:37-42 (P 462, RP 414, WTC 368) and 13:3-10 (P 469, RP 415, WTC 370)

Shacharit Torah Reading Scroll #2

Numbers 28:16-28:25 (P 1211, RP 1082, WTC 979)

1 Aliyah

Shacharit Haftarah - Traditional

Joshua 5:2-6:1

Shacharit Haftarah - Alternative

Isaiah 43:1-15 (P 1657, RP 1462)


Recite festival afternoon service (MT 442)

Recite festival Amidah with appropriate additions for Pesach (MT 468)


Add Ya'aleh v'Yavo for Pesach to the Amidah (MT 92).

Count the omer before Aleinu (MT 570)

Birkat Hamazon

Add Ya'aleh v'Yavo for Pesach and Harachaman for Yom Tov to Birkat Hamazon.