Shabbat Parashat Ki Tisa

Shacharit Torah Reading 

Exodus 30:11-34:35 (P 632, RP 584, WTC 497)

7 Aliyot

Shacharit Haftarah 

I Kings 18:1-39 (P 722, RP 607)

Mincha Torah Reading

Exodus 35:1-20 (P 668, RP 612, WTC 523)

3 Aliyot

Shabbat Parah

General Notes

Shabbat Parah is the third of the five special Shabbatot before Pesach. The additional Torah portion we read on this day (Numbers 19:1-22) describes the ritual of the Parah Adumah, the red heifer. After the heifer was slaughtered and burned, its ashes were used to purify members of the Israelite community who, in their state of impurity, would not be allowed to partake of the Passover sacrifice. The Haftarah from Ezekiel discusses a process of moral and spiritual cleansing.

Shacharit Torah Reading Scroll #2

Numbers 19:1-22 (P 1145, RP 1024, WTC 917)

1 Aliyah

Shacharit Haftarah - Traditional

Ezekiel 36:16-38

Shacharit Haftarah - Alternative

Ezekiel 36:22-36 (P 1651, RP 1455)