Shabbat Parashat T'tzaveh

Shacharit Torah Reading 

Exodus 27:20-30:10 (P 618, RP 563, WTC 475)

7 Aliyot

Shacharit Haftarah 

Ezekiel 43:10-27 (P 719, RP 577)

Mincha Torah Reading

Exodus 30:11-21 (P 634, RP 584, WTC 497)

3 Aliyot

Shabbat Zachor

General Notes

Shabbat Zachor is the second in a series of five special Shabbatot before Pesach. On Shabbat Zachor, we commemorate the actions of Amalek, who attacked the Israelites after they left Egypt. The traditional Haftarah from I Samuel continues on this theme, recalling a battle between the Israelites and Amalekites during the days of King Saul. In this Haftarah, the king of the Amalekites is identified as Agag. Shabbat Zachor occurs the week before Purim because, in Megillat Esther, Haman is called an Agagite, and is thus considered to be a descendant of Amalek. Some Reform synagogues read a selection from the book of Esther as an alternative to the traditional Haftarah.

Shacharit Torah Reading - Scroll #2

Deuteronomy 25:17-19 (P 1507, RP 688, WTC 1184)

1 Aliyah

Shacharit Haftarah - Traditional

I Samuel 15:2-15:34

Shacharit Haftarah - Alternative

Esther 7:1-10, 8:15-17 (P 1649, RP 1453)