Sukkot (Chol Hamoed)
Hoshana Raba

General Notes

Traditionally, Hoshanah Raba is considered to be the day of the final sealing of God's judgement. The liturgy for the day is an interesting mixture of weekday and festival liturgy, and we alternate between nusach for weekdays, festivals, S'ichot, and the High Holy Days.


Add Ya'aleh v'Yavo for Sukkot to the Amidah (MT 92).

Perform N'tilat Lulav after the Amidah (MT 571).

Recite the full Hallel after the Amidah (560). The Hallel on page 560 is the Half Hallel; congregations that would like to recite a full Hallel should add appropriate selections from Psalms 115 and 116.

Traditionally, after Hallel, the congregation would make 7 processions around the synagogue and recite seven Hoshanot. After the Hoshanot, the congregation would beat the Aravot against the floor.

Shacharit Torah Reading - Traditional

Numbers 29:29-31 (P 1214, RP 1085, WTC 981)

4 Aliyot

* Numbers 29:29-31 is read for each of the four aliyot.

Shacharit Torah Reading - Alternative

Deuteronomy 11:10-15 (P 1407, RP 1239, WTC 1104)

During Meals

Recite the blessing over dwelling in the sukkah.

It is a mitzvah to welcome guests into our Sukkah. Each night of Sukkot, we symbolically welcome certain of our patriarchs and matriarchs into our sukkah as guests. The liturgy of this ceremony can be found in Gates of the House, pp. 77-78.

We add Ya'aleh v'Yavo and Harachaman for Sukkot to Birkat Hamazon.

Erev Sh'mini Atzeret
Erev Simchat Torah


Before sunset, light candles. Recite the festival candle blessing and Shehecheyanu (MT 384).


Recite festival evening service (MT 384)

Torah Service:

Begin with "Ata Hareita" (MT 495). Then, continue with the Torah service as written (MT 494). After reciting Ki Mitzion, we remove all Torah scrolls from the ark and proceed with seven hakafot. Before the first Hakafah, we recite "Hoshiah Nah" and the text listed for Hakafah One (MT 500). Before each subsequent Hakafah, we recite the text listed for that Hakafah. After reciting the indicated text, we sing other songs of our choosing and dance with the Torah.

After returning the Torah to the ark, we continue with Aleinu (MT 586) and other concluding prayers.

Torah Reading - Traditional

Deuteronomy 33:1-17 (P 1569, RP 1420, WTC 1273)

3 Aliyot

Torah Reading - Alternative

Deuteronomy 34:1-12 (P 1582, RP 1426, WTC 1281) & Genesis 1:1-2:3 (P 18, RP 19, WTC 5)

During Dinner

Recite the Kiddush for festival evening (MT 386).

Add Ya'aleh v'Yavo for Sh'mini Atzeret and Simchat Torah and Harachaman for Yom Tov to Birkat Hamazon at Dinner.