Erev Sukkot

Preparing for Sukkot

Build a Sukkah (for guidelines on building your Sukkah, see JL 113):

Acquire the 4 species (arba'ah minim). These include an etrog, a lulav, two willow branches (aravah), and three myrtle braches (hadas). It is considered "hiddur Mitzvah" (beautification of the commandment) to acquire a beautiful lulav and etrog.

The lulav, hadas, and aravah are assembled in their holder as follows: Hold the lulav with the smooth spine toward you and slide in into the middle holder. Place one ring around the holder and one or two rings on the lulav itself to hold the fronds together. Do not place the highest ring less than 4 inches from the tip of the lulav. Place the myrtle branches in the right pocket. Place the willow branches in the left pocket.


Light candles before sunset. Recite the candle blessing for festivals and Shehecheyanu (MT 384)


Recite the festival evening service (MT 348).

During Dinner

Recite the Kiddush for festival evening (MT 386).

Recite the blessing over dwelling the sukkah, as well as Shehecheyanu. We only recite Shehecheyanu our first time eating in the Sukkah.

It is a mitzvah to welcome guests into our Sukkah. Each night of Sukkot, we symbolically welcome some of our patriarchs and matriarchs into our sukkah as guests. The liturgy of this ceremony can be found in Gates of the House, pp. 77-78.

Add Ya'aleh v'Yavo for Sukkot, Harachaman for Yom Tov, and Harachaman for Sukkot to Birkat Hamazon.