Month of Elul

General Notes

Each day, Psalm 27 is traditionally recited at the end of the Shacharit and Ma'ariv services. One verse of Psalm 27, Achat Sha'alti, is included in Mishkan T'filah (MT 662). We continue reciting Achat Sha'alti through Hoshanah Rabah or Sh'mini Atzeret/Simchat Torah.

On weekdays, the shofar is sounded during the shacharit service after the recitation of Psalm 27. No blessing is recited. We sound T'kiah, followed by Sh'varim, T'ruah, and another T'kiah. The shofar is not traditionally sounded on Shabbat or on the morning of Erev Rosh Hashanah.

There is a custom to increase the giving of Tzedakah during this month (JL 117).

Rosh Chodesh


Add Ya'aleh v'Yavo to the Amidah (MT 254 or 331).

Recite Half Hallel after the Amidah (MT 560)

Shacharit Torah Reading Scroll #2

Numbers 28:9-15 (P 1213, RP 1082, WTC 977)

1 Aliyah

Shacharit Haftarah - Traditional

Isaiah 66:1-24

Shacharit Haftarah - Alternative

Isaiah 66:1-13, 23 (P 1684, RP 1492)


Add Ya'aleh v'Yavo to the Amidah (MT 354)

Birkat Hamazon

Add Ya'aleh v'Yavo and Harachaman for Rosh Chodesh