Ta'anit Bechorot
Pesach (begins at sundown)

General Notes

Chametz may only be eaten during the early part of the day. Check with your rabbi for the exact time at which you should stop eating chametz.

Traditionally, first-born males fast on this day. Ta'anit Bechorot recognizes that the first-born children of the Israelites were saved when the first-born children of the Egpytians were killed.


Before sunset, light candles. Recite the festival and Shabbat candle blessings followed by shehecheyanu (MT 384).


Recite the festival evening service (MT 384)

We recite an abbreviated Kabbalat Shabbat consisting of Psalms 92 and 93. Some congregations recite a shotrtened form of L'cha Dodi before Psalms 92 and 93.

 Some congregations recite Hallel after the Amidah.

Birkat Hamazon

Add Ya'aleh v'Yavo for Pesach and Harachaman for Yom Tov. Also include R'tzei and Harachaman for Shabbat.

During Dinner

We conduct our Pesach Seder. For more information on conducting your Passover Seder, see JL 103-108.